Green Agriculture without borders (BAG)


1.2. Stimulating Employment through Entrepreneurship and Innovations

Lead Beneficiary

Dobele Adult Education and Business Support Centre (Zemgale Region)


Panevėžys Business Advisory Centre (Panevėžys County)

Local foundation of sustainable development “Innovation for regions” (Minsk Oblast)


Project Description

The project intends to combat poverty and unemployment as the main problems that hinder socio-economic development of the Latvia-Lithuania cross-border area. It will address creation of employment opportunities by improving the entrepreneurship capacities and cooperation through actions supporting development and innovations in organic or, so called, green agriculture as its overall objective.

The project will be targeted at development of innovative entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation in the field of organic agriculture including milk, meat, vegetables and beekeeping as the leading sectors driving economic growth in the cross-border area of Zemgale region and Panevežys County. This will be done through close cooperation of project partners - Dobele Adult Education and Business Support Centre (LV) and Panevežys Business Advisory Centre (LT) - and development of business support instruments, capacity building and cooperation activities for existing or potential entrepreneurs, and public awareness raising activities to promote new/innovative business development opportunities and employment methods in green agriculture.

It is intended that the project will develop such business support instruments as a tailor-made theoretical training programme, joint IT product promotion platform, and infrastructural base for provision of the developed business support measures. Through series of trainings, workshops and cross-border trade fairs it will also raise capacity of employability and entrepreneurship in organic agriculture for ~200 persons representing existing and potential local farmers or domestic food producers including youth, young women and pre-retirement age people.

Project number Total budget Eu funding Implementation period
ENI-LLB-1-117 331625,68 298463,11 24 months (02.2019-01.2021)



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