The project LT-RU-3-144 “Establishment of a cross-border network of Public Initiative Support Centres”

22 / 11 / 2021 :

5 partners – Administration of Gvardeysk Town District Municipality, Municipal budgetary institution "Centre of Culture and Leisure servicing the urban and rural population of the "Gvardeysk Town District Municipality", Municipal budgetary institution "Centre of culture and leisure", Taurage District Municipality Administration and Taurage City Local Action Group will combine forces to establish a network of Centers of Public Initiatives in Gravdeysk, Gurievsk and Taurage.

As a result of the project, Centres of Public Initiatives will be equipped and furnished. Partners will increase the efficiency of operation of civil society actors through the development of skills and networking. Partners shall organise various community events, sports initiatives, festivals which will develop local community interest in participating in civil society initiatives.

Programme funding – 456 494,64 EUR, implementation period – 16 months.