02 / 10 / 2018 :

The European Cooperation Run in the Curonian Spit Nida resort on the 29th of September just as previous year was blessed with the wonderful weather. The 0.5 km and 2 km distances were named the European Cooperation Run and were dedicated to Europe-wide celebration of the European Cooperation Day. It was a part of the traditional, already 19th Nida Half Marathon event. 2014-2020 Lithuania-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme contributed to the organization of this event.

The morning of the sunny Saturday started from the vivacious zumba workout. Almost 150 children participated in this year's European Cooperation Run. More than 90 runners up to 12 years old ran 0,5 km. and 50 runners up to 18 years old ran 2 km. in the name of the European cooperation. Every young runner received traditional Nida's half marathon souvenir cup and the winners of I-III places received Programme's gifts. The mayor of Neringa municipality congratulated all the little runners. After the run the children could express themselves by drawing with chalks on the pavement.

In total more than 700 people participated in the Nida Half Marathon Running event. The runners were supported and encouraged by their families and friends. The good mood was in the air all day long!

European Cooperation Day – sharing borders, growing closer!

Photos of the event are available on the Programme Facebook account and in the Photo gallery on the Programme website.