17 / 12 / 2018 :

The Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-border Cooperation Programme invites you to visit the travelling exhibition ‘Painting Our Future Together’ showcasing the artworks created by 10 international artists who have drawn inspiration from the art of the world-renowned artist Mark Rothko and from the charming atmosphere of his birthplace in Daugavpils, Latvia.

Like the cross-border cooperation itself, the artworks are remarkably diverse in terms of artists’ geographical backgrounds, preferred materials and techniques. Each painting reflects the artist’s individual style and his/her perception of cooperation across borders.

The first 2 stops are Riga and Minsk:

7-19 January 2019       Riga Central Library, Brivibas street 49/53, Riga, Latvia

23 January - 23 February 2019     National Centre of Contemporary Arts, Nekrasova street 3, Minsk, Belarus

Visit the exhibition closer to your home town!