Vilkaviškio vyskupijos valančiukų sąjūdis / Vilkaviskis Diocese Valanciukai Movement

Vilkaviskis Diocese Valanciukai Movement is a non-governmental organization (NGO), a legal status - an association working with children and young people. Established on July 20,  2001. One of the priorities of the organization's work is work with social exclusion and families of different risk groups.

Contact person and contact details

Mr. Algirdas Jankauskas, Board member,


Phone: +370-60709339

Lithuanian or Russian speak

Short description of the project idea/activities


Project title: HUMIDITY NEARBY

Brief description of the project:

Lithuania and Russia are similar countries in terms of alcohol consumption.

The consumption of alcohol brings great harm, because of irresponsible alcohol consumption both in Lithuania and in Russia there are a lot of dysfunctional and social risk families.

The goal of the project is to help families with social risks, ranging from children to adults.

Vilkaviskis Diocese Valanciukai Movement has many years of experience working with social risk families and is working on effective programs that reduce the harm done by alcohol and other drugs to children and adults. We want to transfer our work experience to our neighbour - Russia (Kaliningrad Region).

The project will host two conferences, which will introduce the public to preventative programs and share best practices.

In Russia and Lithuania, workshops will take place, during which staff will be trained to work in groups with children and adults.

Direct support for socially disadvantaged groups will take place in groups with children and adults.

The project's final conference in Lithuania will discuss the results achieved by the project and outlined guidelines for future projects, cooperation between Lithuania and Russia.

Project continuity - creation of international network:  Sweden - Lithuania - Russia for work under preventive programs.

The partner must be guaranteed that he will be able to contribute 10% of his share of the project to his country.